CHCPOL003 Research And Apply Evidence To Practice


Read the article on A time management intervention using simulation to improve nursing students’ preparedness for medication administration in the clinical setting: A quasi-experimental study and answer the following questions:

1. When undertaking research is vitally important to have defined objectives to determine what research is needed and how it should be undertaken.

Provide several examples of potentially objectives that may be relevant for research in your area of nursing or nursing training?

2. a) Details of how you would identify credible sources of data and evidence for research?
b) How you would access such evidence and data?

3. What are the five steps provided in your learner notes for a systematic approach to research or gathering information?

4. Provide details of how you have analysed and organised information you have researched in a way which will allow it to be potentially used and future times?

5. Prioritising information based on the information need may relate to the urgency of need, or even frequency of need of information. For example, for an imminent and current circumstance, information may be needed urgently to determine or confirm a patient’s symptoms, condition, treatment, whereas, other information might be commonly referred to on a regular basis, for example for dosages and duration of use for particular medications.

How was such information prioritised in your area of nursing, on nursing training?

6. What process do you use to compare and contrast different sources of information?

7. Determining and documenting conclusions based on your findings can be undertaken through reporting, entry of data into an intranet or online system, through written recommendations, and so forth.

What process do you all would you use to document your conclusions in your area of nursing or nursing learning?

8. Using the information and or any learning you have gained from your research, provide details of potential areas where you feel a change in current practice could be beneficial, and also explain why such change would be beneficial?

9. Provide an example of where you have identified an issue or issues which you believe require further research and evaluation. Your answer should include details of the issue/s and also why you feel the further research and evaluation is needed?

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