CHCPOL003 Research And Apply Evidence To Practice



This task is for students to demonstrate understanding of their own assessment of a particular community. Students will discuss the Determinants of Health and the impact on the health of individuals or populations within this area. Students will also consider how health care and nursing practice is influenced by where people live, work and grow. This reflection provides evidence for the exploration of current health or social issues impacting on a group, population or a community from a political, cultural and national perspective.


Using reflection and analysis, discuss what determinants are contributing to these health issues. HOW and WHY may they be impacting on the population? What health care is being provided to improve the current health status of this population? What gaps exist? Discuss how health professional intervention, especially nursing, might also be influenced by these determinants and what role the nurse might have in improving health in this area.

Finally, students need to include a reflection about their own learning experience and personal growth after conducting the fieldwork and community assessment.

  • How has this experience changed your thinking about health and/or the role of the nurse?
  • What have you learnt from conducting the fieldwork or looking at your community through a different, health related lens?
  • Identify any elements of this assessment that have enabled you to seemore indirect aspects that impact on the health of individuals?
  • Identify 2 things that has changed the way you thinkabout the priority health issue you discovered?
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