CHCCCS015 Provide Individualised Support


1.Which practices can you undertake to ensure that you maintain and develop your own work skills? Name at least two.

2 .What are the risk management procedures that you undertake in your own job role? How do you recognise and respond to risk?

3.Has the activity been answered and performed fully, as required to assess the competency of the learner?

4.Has sufficient evidence and information been provided by the learner for the activity?

5.Describe the roles and responsibilities of each of the following groups in providing support to a client:

6.Carers and family: In some cases, A care giver need to find and confirm the details of an individualized plan with the family and carers of their client.some clients want to involve their family or carers in their individualized plan care. For an example, If a clientis suffering with dimentia they may not be able to fully contribute to their plan. Therefore, it would be necessary to seek confirmation from family members or carers.

7.Person being supported: All the care plan should be build including the clients. A carers should treat them as a person, not just a client and their thoughts and opinions shoukd be taken into consideration. This will ensure that the clients feels important and lije their wishes are being taken into consideration.

8.Health professionals: health professional will help the client to build an individualized plan care which will benefit them in every way . They will go through their weekness where they need to improve to bring out a positive result in a client.

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