C33 Nursing


The purpose of the scholarly paper is for the student to analyze the current practices and policies concerning medication error prevention and response strategies utilized in today’s healthcare environment. Students should reflect on the political, economic, and social factors that impact the way in which our system addresses medication errors and, where appropriate, determine what could be done differently. The student is expected to demonstrate leadership by discussing the actions of the care provider (nurse, physician, pharmacist, etc.) that could improve client care and safety.

1. Discuss a mediation error found in the news or published on a national safety website. Be careful to ensure your discussion is relevant to Canadian practice.
2. Explain the event that precipitated the error. Also, explain what occurred exactly and the impact of the incident on the client, family, healthcare providers, and healthcare system.
3. Analyze your chosen error and discuss the relevant political, economic, and social factors that influenced the event.
4. Evaluate the response to the error at a micro level (the healthcare agency) and macro level (national agencies, political systems, etc). Is this error (or category of error) addressed by national safety organizations? Explain.
5. Provide a critical analysis of the micro and macro responses to the error. What political and economic factors are influencing these responses? What could be done differently to improve client care and safety?
6. Discuss the leadership actions of the health care provider at the bedside that could reduce the occurrence of the error in future. Alternately, if the error did occur, what could the healthcare provider do differently in response?
7. Paper Requirements:

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