BSBCUS401 Coordinate Implementation Of Customer Service Strategies


Imagine you are a customer of ABC Stationary. Think about the type of service you would expect from the business and staff and also what kind of situations would make you unhappy with their service. With this information in mind, develop a questionnaire (minimum of ten questions) that you could use to gather information from customers on what they like about ABC Stationary’s service and what they think could be done better and what kind of service could be implemented that is not currently provided. It could cover such areas as:

Customer needs may relate to:

  • Staff attitude
  • Staff knowledge
  • Complaints
  • Prices/ value for service
  • Purchasing experience
  • Return of goods experience
  • Accuracy of information provided them
  • Instore experience

Using the information from Tasks 1and 2, explain in a report the customer service issues and problems that you diagnosed and the appropriate options that you identified for improving customer service.  Include in this report budget allocations that are required and where the budget allocation will come from.  Your report should also outline how you will promptly action procedures to resolve customer difficulties and complaints whilst acting within organisational requirements.  

You need to mention how these options meet with the organisation’s requirements, i.e. business aims, objectives, and strategies, and you should provide opportunities for continuous improvement.

Organisational requirements may include:

  • Access and equity principles and practice
  • Anti-discrimination and related policy
  • Confidentiality and security requirements
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