BNURS20 Nursing


Mr. X is a 65-year-old farmer. He was involved in a tractor accident and sustained a mid-shaft fractured femur. He has undergone surgery to repair this. His past history includes: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and hypertension. He is currently prescribed nifedipine (CR) 60 mg daily and warfarin 10 mg daily.

His initial obs: T 36.4, P, 82, BP 160/95 mmHg, R, 24, Oxygen sats 98% on room air, BSL 5.9 mmol/l..

Mr. X is a widower, lives alone and, prior to this injury, had an active lifestyle. Mr. X has no relatives living nearby for support and is concerned about his ability to manage his farm work. Your assignment will need to include the following information:

Identify and briefly explain the surgical options for a patient presenting with a mid-shaft fractured femur. 

Identify the potential post-operative complications which impact on the mortality and morbidity of patients following surgical repair of a fractured femur.

For three of these complications, utilising current literature, discuss:

a) the nursing interventions required to prevent or minimise the risks of three of the complications you have identified. and

b) how you would monitor for these.
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