BNURS20 Nursing


Case Scenaria Three Peter Thompson is a fiercely independent 78 year old male who is the sole carer for his wife, Shirley. Peter has significant industrial deafness and refuses to wear his hearing aids. Shirley has Type II diabetes mellitus and is vision impaired. She has never been in paid employment and has never had the need to drive. She is very reliant on Peter who takes great pride in ensuring that all her needs are met. Peter was recently involved in a motor vehicle incident and his license has been suspended.
In relation to this scenario consider and discuss the perspectives of Peter and Shirley and possible courses of action from these perspectives. Discuss and evaluate a range of theories of ageing that may shape the beliefs and attitudes of the different people involved. 
Analyze the way in which age intersects with other social categories in this scenario, such as gender, class, ethnicity and sexuality. Include a discussion of the physical and biological changes that may have an impact on Peter ‘s situation. 
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