BME219 Healthcare Administration


Reflective activity

Identify the legislative acts that have directly impacted on your nursing practice. Link each act to actual examples from your practice. (

it must be related to Singapore healthcare related act only. May be can use HOTA act, or workplace safety act or Nurses and Midwife Act. Can use other act alsoJ I work in emergency department but may be can create story in the ward setting. According to lecturer, used at least 2 act in one story or two story.

Reflective activity

It has been suggested that nurses are in the optimal position to discuss the development of advance directives with patients . Provide a brief example of how and when this could be done in your area of practice.

Reflective activity 

What information and support do patients and their families need from nurses and other healthcare professionals to be effective advocates for themselves?

can use Paternalism to further describe?

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