BIO112 Lecture Research Paper


Describe the normal (healthy) anatomy & physiology of the major system(s) involved.

Describe the causes (etiology) and risk factors of the condition.

Explain how the body’s systems are affected by the condition. Brief description of signs and symptoms, clinical tests if relevant. (Note: this is not a clinical paper, do not give elaborate or lengthy details)

Treatments and/or cures – now and in the future (preventative measures can be addressed in this section if applicable)

Students will lose the points listed below for not following directions:

  • Paper will be given zero score and rejected if paper is plagiarized, no matter if properly cited.
  • Late Submission  Paper – loss of 2 points per day late regardless of reasons
  • 2 points for each page over or under the correct amount
  • 2 points for not using proper font  or spacing
  • 2 points for not using correct margin size
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