Betty 72 Year Old Woman Confidentiality Case Assignment

Betty is a 72-year-old woman who lives in a rural area of Australia.

Betty normally engages in community health care when her son drives her a 6-hour return trip once a fortnight to see the local nurse and doctor.

Betty has multiple co-morbidities with previous hospital admissions in the past 12 months for pneumonia, palpitations and complications of her diabetes.

Betty has been admitted to a different hospital after a fall where she was found unconscious.

The hospital that has admitted Betty has a combination of digital health programs (pathology, radiology etc.,) and paper-based systems.

Betty has been reluctant to use the My Health Record due to concerns about who can access the information. The lack of information on her arrival caused delays in her treatment.

How can Registered nurses, ease the concerns that Betty might have regarding confidentiality. What information would you provide her?

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