B760 : Mental Health Nursing


Part A

Bachelor of nursing , Mental health nursing

Provide examples of how nurses implement best practice for Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait  Islander women who experience mental health issues, as outlined in the NMBA 2018 Code of conduct for nurses’, 
Principle 3: Cultural practice and respectful relationships.

Part I have to explain from this topic with in the criteria of the above question is given below:

The Code of Conduct, Principle 3.3 (NMBA, 2018) goes on to state that nurses should “Endeavour to confirm a person understands any information communicated to them, and clearly and accurately communicate relevant and timely information about the person to colleagues, within the bounds of relevant privacy requirements.


1. Explained and analyzed the concepts and/or issues and their importance. 

Referred to relevant theory and  literature to support their  reasoning and examples are  presented. 

2. Focus on the identification of mental health nursing considerations, consumer and career perspectives.

Part B

Bachelor of nursing, Child ,adolesecent and family nursing  group presentation

Identify problem/safety issue appropriate for a 3 OR 4 YEAR OLD. Tell me why your activity is age appropriate

Consider:?Growth and development- psychosocial -physical?-cognitive

2 x slides each if you wish Reference all slides/pictures 10 mins in duration

Group assignment will be marked in the classroom on the day?Bring with you, your group agreement, marking criteria and a print out of your powerpoint and presentation.

Topic I have to explain is child  safety issue  in Bathroom and Garage of their house.

  • You will have to cover statistics of deaths, near misses, hospital admissions etc on issues related to child safety in children aged 3-5 in their house  from bathroom and garage .
  • And why it is important to teach the parents about teaching their children child safety. So you will  need to tie in the development theories as well like piaget’s theories ,
    For example: if you choose bathroom you may want to talk about how many children end up in the bath tub  from opening hot water tap of boiling water Children aged 3-5 are more likely to suffer these injuries, as according to child development theories, these children are at an age where they become curious about the world around them. They cannot see what is in the pot, so they are inclined to pull the handle to see what is inside… etc.
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