B760 Mental Health Nursing


key concepts impacting on people with mental health issues and their support.

A written paper which explores key concepts impacting on people with mental health issues and their support.

Essays, it is important to express the structure of your argument and your conclusions as explicitly as possible. Each step of your argument, or order of discussion, should be stated explicitly and clearly, and part of building your plan should involve articulating precisely what those steps are and why they are going to be located as they are in relation to the other parts of the essay.
What is actually being asked of you in this question? It is simply asking you for the political, historical and current changes taking place that affect understanding of mental health. You might argue the bio psycho social model, citing social issues (ref theory), the rise of CBT & other relevant psychosocial approaches…the implementation of these into nursing (eg use of formulation, rise of physical health concerns in MH). The scandal at South Staffs leading to the Francis report.

Then in your discussion, you can argue implications for care. How does this support/ otherwise the idea of biopsychosocial model? How does the recovery model or nursing models of care fit into this? Or you might talk about the nursing theories and how these are being implemented using historical/ political/ social concepts to back or refute parts of your argument.

This is your chance to put your own slant onto what you think is important. however although I recommend the use of your own viewpoint to argue your case, think about the language you will be using: you cannot use the vernacular or colloquial. Ensure that all the steps of your argument/discussion appear explicitly in the essay and are not left behind in your plan or your head. Don’t just present the evidence for points that you wish to make, thus leaving it to speak for itself, or the reader to try to speak for it.

Again, in your conclusion I want to see evidence of your thinking . what was important for you in writing the essay you did? What were you trying to say? What fresh perspective will I learn from reading your essay? 
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