B760 Assessment In Mental Health Nursing


All students are to submit a comprehensive assessment of a consumer, including formulation and recovery-focused goals. The essay is to be evidence-based incorporating key themes raised during the subject, including but not limited to: posttraumatic mental health; strengths; diagnostic categories; risk; personality and development; family and other systems; and substance use.
In completing this assessment task, students must: (i) protect the privacy of the client, (ii) maintain confidentialty, (iii) comply with the Victorian Mental Health Act (2014), (iv) meet the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Standards of Practice (2010), (v) comply with Mental Health Workforce Standards (2013), (vi) be consistent with the NMBA and AHPRA regulations, and (vii) follow their mental health service policies regarding information and privacy. Students who breach confidentiality will fail the essay.
This formulation will consist of 5 Ps- presentin g problem, predisposing factors, precipitating, perpetuating, protective factors then covering the recovery oriented practice. first introduce the essay and the chosen client then in body make each paragraph of 5 Ps like one para of problem second of predisposing factors and so on ,supported by evidence based literature.
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