B700 Adult Nursing


1) Introduction and Assessment of Current Practice/Intervention Identification of problem using economic model (CBA) or other. 
Describe current practice using evidence based research and/orcurrent standards of care.
Describe why this is a problem and who is impacted.
Use current local health data to validate concern.
Describe long term impacts of problem if not addressed.
2) Analysis of Project Recommendation using                     
Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and other data.                        
By providing an overview of Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) describe the problem and what should be done.    
Identify needs associated with current health practice.
Estimate and discuss project benefits and costs of the intervention.
By using Discount Cost and Benefit Flows at an appropriate rate if known state why the current practice/situation is a problem. 
Provide facts and decision analysis using a ratio of benefits to costs to support recommendations.
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