Assessing Causality and Implications for Public Health Policy

Discussion- Assessing Causality and Implications for Public Health Policy

In 1965, Sir Austin Bradford Hill proposed guidelines for assessing causality from epidemiological studies. His intention was not for these guidelines to be used in a rigid manner but rather to be used generally to help in the assessment of disease causation. In recent years, other causal models have been developed, including the Rothman sufficient-component cause model and the web of causation.


To prepare for this Discussion, use the Walden library to find an epidemiological research article that uses one of the models of causation discussed in the Learning Resources. Then, by Day 3, respond to the following questions:

• Do you agree with the author’s choice of causal model? Why or why not? Provide evidence to support your assessment.

• What are the implications for public health policy, given the evidence for causality presented in the article?
Be sure to cite the article you reviewed using proper APA formatting.

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