ANP8010 Advanced Practice In Nursing


15 year old Diana Prince met with an accident while riding her bicycle yesterday. The paramedic reported blunt trauma to the pelvis. Her Blood pressure was falling and hence she was shifted to the ICU and transfused 3 units of Packed RBS. Her BP is 110/70 mm of Hg now. The CT scan reported an open book fracture of the pelvis. Blood reports from this morning indicated a rise in Serum Creatinine level from 1.1mg/dl to 5.2mg/dl. She was diagnosed with Hypovolemia induced Acute Kidney Injury with fracture pelvis. She is now being monitored by a team of Nephrologists, Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeons. 

Content of the presentation:

The following questions should be answered in corresponding slides.

Slide 1

 Introduction slide

Slide 2 

State the Scenario

 Slide 3 -4

How should a nurse obtain accurate information about the physical health status of the case · By Observation · Taking Patient History· Checking case files · What questions were asked to the patient.


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