70+ Best Nursing Research Topics for a Good Essay

Nursing research papers are a major dilemma for college students who want to pursue the subject of Healthcare. Even though they know their chosen topic well, incorrect formatting and rules can make it impossible to avoid strict grading while writing the paper.

The best medical research papers provide reliable information, making it not only easier for students but also more effective.

The quality of a paper is determined by the information they present: if you can’t trust them because it’s missing citations or contains errors in their professional terminology, how will we make sure our patients receive the most accurate care possible?

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What Key Points to Consider Before Writing a Nursing Research Essay Paper

Research in all fields of medicine is constantly evolving to be more creative. Nursing research needs to remain innovative and creative, focusing on definitions lacking among recent college students studying for their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs. Although it may seem like you should use sources when doing your project about community health or anatomy, there are always new ways to stay fresh! You could look into leadership and technology – these topics can really make your work stand out from other projects as being innovative and engaging, so keep reading below to find even more details about this topic!

Writing a research paper can be tough, especially when you’re not given specific requirements. You have to make sure that your introduction is engaging and creative enough for the reader and informative. Hence, they understand what’s going on in the body paragraphs without having to read them first. One of these important introductions is called an abstract- it should summarize both how many points are made in each paragraph and their importance within the argument or topic at hand.

Writing a research paper is not as easy as it seems. It requires plenty of thinking and can be really stressful to keep up with the assignment when you have so many other things on your plate like work, friends, or family time. One important thing that holds for any writing style, including academic papers, are guidelines from professors, which usually include an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, a conclusion, and works cited page depending on format requirements.

If the professor gave no specific requirement, students might also create a personal reflection journal entry to develop better nursing practices, much like case studies assignments where they explore ideas such as patients’ background information before using them in case scenarios.

Step by Step Process in Nursing Research Process Essay Papers

Step by Step Quantitative Nursing Research Process

Good research always starts with prior research for possible topic ideas. This step ensures that the student finds related sources and chooses a slightly different approach to make their assignment original.

The introduction to your research paper is the most important part. This section will provide a hook that either makes an interesting statement or provides compelling argumentation for reading on. Please think of this as your elevator pitch: it’s only one sentence, but you need it to be good! If writing about a hot topic like assisted suicide, make sure there are enough arguments in subsequent paragraphs so that readers want more information and understand how they can take action upon finishing their read (or close-reading).

The conclusion should summarize what was found throughout the course of researching through previous body paragraphs; leave them wanting more by ending with something personal instead of just analysis or commentary from other sources.

How to Choose a Good Nursing Research Topic for Approval?

Students need to be careful when choosing a topic for their college research paper. From the most popular medical issues, an assignment can cover what changes could be introduced if they were addressed properly to excel past any plagiarism traps and make it unique enough so that your professor can give you positive feedback on its originality.

It is possible to stay on top of the latest innovations in nursing research by choosing unconventional resources. Choosing a suitable topic for your literature review should consider that numerous topics can be approached differently and bring their own personal contribution. For example, use works from famous theorists while supporting them with accurate citations to have an essay or dissertation full of qualitative elements instead of quantitative ones.

70 Common Nursing Research Topics for Healthcare Students

Researchers at Online Nursing Answers have compiled a list of nursing research topics for you to consider. They are divided by categories so that you can find what interests and inspires you most and address specific needs your project might require.

Common Research Topics in Child Nursing

  1. Prenatal and Newborn Care
  2. Breastfeeding & Nutrition
  3. Preterm Birth & Early Growth
  4. Maternal Mental Health & Wellbeing
  5. Diagnosis and Management of Learning Disorders
  6. Physiotherapy for Young Children
  7. Hyperactivity in Nursery & Primary School Children
  8. Behavioral Problems in Toddlers & Preschoolers
  9. Infant & Toddler Nutrition in HIV/AIDS infected Children’s
  10. Rehabilitation of the Crippled Child (Pediatrics)

Common Research Topics in Adult Nursing

  1. Acute Myocardial Infarction
  2. Diagnosis & Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  3. Lung Cancer Management & Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  4. Management of Female Reproductive Disorders in Pregnancy
  5. Palliative Care for Advanced Stage Disease Lung Cancer
  6. Retirement and Assessment of Quality of Life Among Elderly People with Disabilities
  7. Types of Osteonecrosis
  8. Treatments for Acute Aortic Dissection
  9. Study on the Effects of Smoking to the Female Reproductive Organs
  10. Sickle Cell Disease and Its Treatment

Common Topics in Midwifery Nursing Research

  1. Support for Breastfeeding: Identifying Critical Outcomes to Improve Quality & Safety Using a Patient-Centered Approach
  2. A Model for the Implementation of a Nurse-Led Care Initiation Program in Rural Areas
  3. The Importance of Maternal Care Providers: A Comparative Analysis of Midwives and Physicians in Vulnerable Populations
  4. Vaccination Guidelines: Are We Preventing Measles, Mumps & Rubella?
  5. Treating the Adolescent Female in Labor: The Role of Midwives
  6. Ventilation & Meconium Aspiration Syndrome in Newborns, A Comparison Between Sustained vs Intermittent Prone Positions
  7. Promoting Healthy Pregnancy Outcomes in High-Risk Women
  8. Listening to Mothers II: A National Profile of Planned Home Births
  9. A Systematic Approach to Understanding the Role of Oxytocin During Subsequent Pregnancies when Cesarean Section is Chosen by the Mother
  10. The Impact of Antenatal Care on Maternal and Infant Health

Research Topics in Elderly Care Nursing

  1. Comparative Analysis of Falls Incidence Rate Among Hospital and Community-Dwelling Elderly
  2. Effectiveness of Mini Exercise Program on Somatosensory Evoked Potential, Muscle Strength & Balance Function in the Oldest Old Population with Physical Disability
  3. Relationship Between Metabolic Syndrome and Vitamin D Status in Community-Dwelling Elders
  4. Early Life Factors & Cognitive Function in the Elderly: a Systematic Review
  5. Cervical Cancer Therapy Study
  6. Colon Cancer Therapy Study
  7. Coronary Drug-Eluting Stent Outcomes Research (CODES) Trial
  8. Down Syndrome Research Program (DSRP) – Early Intervention Project
  9. Death & Dying: A Look at Palliative Care & End-of-Life Choices
  10. Case Management of Patient with Diabetes and Other Comorbidities

Common Topics in Women’s Health Nursing Research

  1. Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Screening Methods
  2. Cervical Dysplasia and Cervical Cancer Prevention & Detection
  3. Surgical Nursing: Perioperative Care of the Gynecologic Patient, Surgery for Nephrotic Syndrome
  4. Obstetrical Analgesia/Anesthesia, Pharmacology of Reproductive System Agents, Surgery
  5. Maternal Health Care: Neonatal Resuscitation and Monitoring
  6. Gynecologic Oncology (Step-by-step Guidance)
  7. Premenopausal Breast Cancer Prevention with Tamoxifen
  8. Exercise Influences on the Menstrual Cycle
  9. Breast Cancer Management in the Elderly Woman
  10. Vulvar Cancer: Clinical and Surgical Management

Common Topics in Health Promotion Research

  1. Advantages & disadvantages of Telemedicine:
  2. Healthy Eating and Sports Medicine
  3. Partnership for Children with Disabilities
  4. Outbreak and Prevention of Respiratory Diseases
  5. Use of Health Promotion Programs to Promote Healthy Lifestyles
  6. Medical Assistance Programs
  7. Medical Examinations and Physical Fitness Testing Regulations
  8. Regulations Governing Clinical Trials of Medical Devices
  9. Medical Records Administration Act & Rules & Regulations for Hospital Information Systems, etc.
  10. Hospital Referral and Arrangement Negotiation System

Common Topics in Healthcare Management Research

  1. Opportunities in the Context of Healthcare Reforms
  2. Healthcare Performance Management: Current Status and Future Prospects
  3. Developments in Ambulatory Patient Care Structuring: Next Phase of Development should be Patient-Centered
  4. The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care
  5. E-Healthcare Management: Opportunities and Challenges
  6. Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines – A Critical Appraisal
  7. HIPAA Compliance for Medical Practices
  8. Tort Liability Issues in Healthcare: Scope & Limitations
  9. Healthcare Fraud and Abuse (HCFAC) Statutes: A Primer for Physicians
  10. Contemporary Trends in Clinical Research Methodology

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