4702 Master Of Public Health



You are current working in a health service area or public health unit as a non-nutrition health professional. You are aware there would be value in having a public health nutritionist services and a public health nutritionist on staff. Currently there is no public health nutritionist position or services. The health service you work for has similar demographic, cultural and health statistics to the Australian population.


Your task is to write position paper justifying the need for PHN services for your health service to the manager of your unit.

  1. Evidence to consider in your paper
  • Prevalence of nutrition-related risk factors.
  • Morbidity and mortality statistics for nutrition-related conditions.
  • Identification of nutritionally vulnerable groups in the community/organisation/country etc.
  • Health care costs ($) spent on nutrition-related disease.
  1. Demonstrate how a Public Health Nutritionist or Public Health Nutrition Services would address these issues. You should not necessarily confine your discussion to these areas. They are provided as a starting point and marks will be awarded for originality and the argument for the development of a public health nutritionist service.

This assignment requires high-level critical appraisal of how PHN services can be applied in your area of interest. Your target audience may have limited knowledge of PHN and particularly the importance of PHN. You need to think critically about what data would a manager need to be convinced that public health nutrition services would benefit the organisation and advocate for these services in a written paper.

  • Critically reflect on the evidence for and implementation status of food and nutrition policy
  • Construct an argument for public health nutrition within a professional setting
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