401205 Professional Communication In Nursing


The assignment is a interview between a nurse and the patient (helen) the assignment is about a (script) about the patient (helen)

History for Nurse and Patient Interaction – Health Assessment

Student (Community – Registered Nurse): Use professional nursing communication with the patient to conduct a 10 minute health assessment video interview taking into account the following:

  • Introduction – nurse and patient
  • Situation – reasons for assessment, allergies, and relevant personal details
  • Background – health history, general health and psychosocial status
  • Assessment – observations, nutrition/diet, exercise, lifestyle, health beliefs and values, and cultural/spiritual/religious practices
  • Recommendation – confirm health assessment information and implications for well-being, recommend changes to manage and improve health and suggest timeframes for any plans

Assessor (Patient – Helen Henderson):

You are cooperative, alert and orientated. You are willing to provide all requested information. You like to ask general questions of the nurse related to the health assessment and like to know your observations and if they are within normal limits. You are open to discuss ways to improve your health through possible changes to your diet, exercise, daily habits, and lifestyle choices.

Scenario: Patient- Helen Henderson

Helen Henderson has come to see a Registered Nurse at her General Practitioner’s Office for a health assessment. Helen is not very active and has a stressful lifestyle with work and other activities. She is well but always feels tired and would like to know how to feel more energetic through regular exercise, eating well and by making positive changes to her lifestyle.

Helen Henderson: Female, height 175 cm; weight 94 kg (BMI = 30.7). BP 158/ 90, HR 96, RR 18, temperature 36.4 C, SaO2 99% on room air.


  • Helen is a 43-year-old female (D.O.B: 24/05/1976) with no known allergies, and her current address is 48 Villahome Drive, Southwood, 2074
  • Helen lives with her wife Janine. They have been married for 6 months but have been partners for 21 years since meeting at university.
  • Helen works as a chief financial controller at a very busy engineering company in the city. She works very long hours and often on the weekends.
  • Helen is very close to her family however, doesn’t see them often because of work demands.
  • Helen currently feels well but is often too tired to cook meals and she buys takeaway from the local shopping centre trying to choose the healthiest options like a salad or sushi but does eat a hamburger and hot chips sometimes. Presently her only exercise is the 10-minute walk to the bus to get to work every day. One weekend a month Helen and Janine try to get out to the country to escape the city.
  • Helen does not drink during the week but enjoys a 2-3 glasses of champagne over the weekend.
  • Helen is very conscious of protecting her skin from the sun as she is very fair.
  • Helen has always been very religious, and goes to mass at her local Catholic Church when she can.
  • Helen has come for a health check and would like to know if there is anything she can do to stop her feeling tired all the time.
  • Assesses the patient by using appropriate questions to elicit health information relevant to the patient and documentation.

Part 1 –Student (nurse) engages in a general status health assessment with the patient. The student (nurse):  

  • Asks at least four (or more) questions related to patient’s health
  • Asks relevant initial assessment questions
  • Responds verbally and clarifies patient information
  • Responds to patient’s questions and paraphrases understanding through discussion with the patient using cultural competence
  • Assesses the patient by using appropriate questions to elicit detailed health information relevant to the patient and documentation.

Part 2 – Student (nurse) conduct a further health assessment of the patient by discussing detailed aspects related to this health issue and patient well-being. The student (nurse):

  • Asks at least four (or more) relevant questions involving details about the patient’s health issue using cultural competence
  • Responds appropriately to the patient, offering some possible explanations about the health issue / to improve well-being.
  • Assesses the patient by using appropriate questions to elicit health information relevant to the patient and documentation.

Part 3 – Student (nurse) uses the health assessment information to:

  • Describe and confirm what the patient said
  • Discuss with the patient your understanding of the health issue and any implication for well-being using cultural competence
  • Explore how this health issue and improvement in well-being might be related to culture, values or personal beliefs.

Concludes the interaction and explains that he/she is at hand for any further assistance.

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