401011 Research Principles For Nursing And Midwifery


1.Background of the study
a.Briefly describe the issue on which the study is focused. 
b.What is the significance of the study? 
2.Overview of research design
a.What was the aim of the research? 
b.What research design was used? 
c.Was it appropriate? Why/why not? 
a.Who were the study participants? 
b.What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the sample? 
c.Why is it important to have these criteria identified before recruitment? 
d.What sampling technique was employed in this study? 
e.Was it appropriate for the research design? Why/why not? 
f.How was the sample size determined? 
g.Was it appropriate? Why/why not?  
4.Data collection
a.How was the data collected?
b.Was the data collection method appropriate for the study question and the research design? Why/why not? 
c.Define the concept of rigor. 
d.Discuss two measures taken/not taken to ensure rigor. 

5.Data analysis/results
a.Identify and describe the method of data analysis. 
b.Was it appropriate? Why/why not?
c.What were the findings? 
d.Can the study findings be used in other settings? Why/why not? 
6.Evidence utilization
a.Would you recommend the findings of this study be implemented in clinical practice? Why/why not?  
7.Academic writing
a.Sentence, paragraph, and grammatical construction were correct.
b.Spelling and use of punctuation were correct.
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