401006 Bioscience


Learning outcomes for the unit are outlined below.

1.Outline the processes invoked in health breakdown leading to alterations in activities of kveig across the lifespan.
2.Outline the implications of health breakdown for professional nursing practice.
3.Explain the relevant physiological changes that occur in the functions of the body in response to Mary or disease and the aging process.

4 Discuss the role of relevant pharmacological interventions in health breakdown.

5.Discuss the role of microorganisms in health breakdown within the community and in health care facilities and relevance for professional nursing practice.

6.Describe the role of the immune system in the maintenance of health.
7.Identify the consequences of immune system breakdown for the kidividual and the role of the nurse. a Describe the Physiology of wound healing.
8.Explain why a booster tetanus Mjection was given to Mary.
9.Describe the physiological basis of the three wound observations. Relate your response to the case study.
10.Explain how Marls fever developed and state two benefits of fever.
11.Name one endogenous and one exogenous possible source of contamination of the wound by aureus and explari how the organism was transmitted to the wound from each source.

12.Explain why Augment., was one of the appropriate drugs given to Mary.

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