400238 Policy, Power And Politics In Health Care Provision


Learning outcomes and their relationship to your course level outcomes can be found on the Postgraduate vUWS site. Learning outcomes for the unit are outlined below.
1. Recognise and critique social ideologies and theories which shape public spending on health and aged care and health policy development
2. Develop and utilise insight into the relationships between politics and power in the construction of health and aged care policy
3. Explore the concept that interest groups exert power and influence in the area of health and aged care policy formulation
4. Examine significant historical, structural and environmental factors which affect health and aged care policy development and translation
5. Consider the global evolution of health and aged care policies and the organisational patterns of health and aged care services, with respect to the World Health Organisation’s commitment to Primary Health Care
6. Demonstrate an awareness of ethical and legal dilemmas and constraints involved in formulating and enacting health and aged care policies
7. Examine the impact that social, health and aged care policies have on disadvantaged groups in society 8. Undertake a critique of workplace practices that are bound by policy.
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