400218 Mental Health Nursing


You are required to analyse the level of compassion satisfaction and /or compassion fatigue within your specialty area of practice and Ina care environment you have practiced. (this can be past or present workplace). From this analysis you need to propose a potential project that will have a positive impact on improving the compassion satisfaction and human flourishing within this practice environment.

Your report should include: 
• An overview of your specialty area of nursing practice that highlights practice changes that have influenced nursing care from a compassion satisfaction or compassion fatigue perspective.
• Evidence of analysis of the findings from observation and / or the stories from people receiving care and / or their carers
• Analysis of the current compassionate culture In terms of the attributes, enabling factors and consequences using the effective workplace culture framework (Manley et at, 2011).
• A synthesis of the information above to develop recommendations for improvements to compassion satisfaction and human flourishing in current workplace cultures. 
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