400218 Mental Health Nursing Practice 1


Topics: Choose one of the following topics and complete the task.

According to Egan (2002), and others (Barker, 2003; Horsfall, 1997; Peplau, 1994; Stein Parbury; 2005; Watkins, 2001) there are numerous theories that attempt to explain the essential characteristics and dynamics of a therapeutic relationship.

Select one theory of therapeutic relationship that best explains the way in which you interact with clients/patients in your practice.


“Clinical supervision in psychiatric nursing is commonly perceived as a good thing … but empirical evidence supporting this claim is limited” 

Critically discuss the role and function of clinical supervision in contemporary psychiatric/mental health nursing practice. Use examples from your practice and the extensive literature to explain and support your argument.


The therapeutic relationship is considered to be the foundation of the delivery of mental health nursing care (O’Brien 1999). However, “understanding the service recipient’s perspective on the therapeutic relationship is vital if appropriate interventions are to be developed and implemented” 

With reference to the current literature examine Australian consumers’ experiences of mental health services and discuss how these experiences might impact on their ongoing recovery from mental illness/disorder.

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