3FV351 Palliative Care


1.Explain and outline the philosophy of palliative care. 
2. For each of the following give a short explanation of how palliative care can be involved with individuals in these environments. 
•  Home based care
•  Hospice based care
•  Residential aged care
• Acute/hospital based care 

3. Australia is a multi-cultural society today, identify a cultural group which is different to your own and discuss the family relationship structures that may impact on the nature of palliative care , and discuss how you would raise matters surrounding the beliefs about death and dying that would need to be considered during the palliative care period.(400 words)
4. Nurses are governed by a Code of Ethics – a code of four principles. 
• Autonomy – respecting the rights of others and their need to make choices .
• Beneficence – doing good and promoting well being .
• Non-malefience – not doing harm .
• Justice – acting without prejudice Consider each of these principles and explain how they influence your nursing practice with terminally ill clients (300 words)
5. Explain what nursing care of the body after death involves and discuss what care of the breaved needs to be considered. (250 words) 
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