3FV152 Nursing Theory To Epistemology


Please discuss what the phrase ‘ways of knowing’ means in relation to nursing epistemology. Why have the ways/patterns of knowing been developed and what purpose do they serve in knowledge development for nursing?
You can also share how you could incorporate Carper’s fundamental of knowing or Chin & Kramer’ modified fundamental of knowing, or if you have experienced the “went wild” experience in your nursing practice and how you handled that situation.

My interpretation of the “went wild” phenomenon within the patterns of knowledge, is represented by the exclusion of one or more of these patterns-rather than holistically combining them for fluid pattern of knowledge. Subsequently, as Chin and Kramer describe “when knowledge within any one pattern is not integrated within the whole of knowing, distortion- rather than understanding- is produced”.

The authors speak of various components integrated into the patterns of knowledge- emancipatory knowledge, empirics, ethics, aesthetics, and personal knowing. When I think of my personal practice and the exclusion of one of these components, ethics comes to mind as a component I often see excluded and this strikes a deep, personal connection for me.

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