3928NRS Clinical Teaching For Health Professionals


The aim of this assignment is for you to demonstrate an understanding of educational processes through the development of a teaching plan for a clinical education session.
For this task you need to write a teaching plan for a session to be delivered in the clinical setting to peers, students or patients, on a topic relevant to your workplace and role.
You are required to provide a brief rationale for the teaching plan by linking your planned delivery of content and teaching strategies to educational theory and knowledge of learning styles.
In your teaching plan you need to include detail of:

The target audience, number of participants and their level of education/understanding.The context/environment in which it will be delivered and any issues related to that
Acknowledgement of the learning theory applied/underpinning the session
Choice of teaching strategy or strategies to be employed in the content delivery
Consideration of teacher activities during delivery of the session
How students will be prepared for the session
Methods of evaluating the session

You should provide a brief rationale for each of these that should be supported by relevant learning and teaching reference material applicable to educating health professional education.
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