364JA Bachelor Of Nursing


This assessment task provides you with an opportunity to review your knowledge of the following concepts; belongingness, emotional intelligence and resilience, and communication, in relation to the novice Registered Nurse and their transition to practice. A specific focus of this practice is how the novice Registered Nurse facilitates person centred care.

The assessment addresses the following course objectives:

Critique the application of health and nursing informatics and quality improvement in health care settings.

Critically evaluate own knowledge, skills and attitudes for transition to professional practice and on-going competence development.

Synthesise person centred care and its application and relevance to contemporary interdisciplinary health service delivery 

Task description: 

Academic essay in response to the following:

How do the concepts of belongingness, emotional intelligence, resilience and communication impact the practice of the novice Registered Nurse?

In considering these concepts, how does the novice Registered Nurse utilise them to facilitate person centred care?

The assignment asks you to identify the key features of belongingness, emotional intelligence, resilience and communication and evaluate how the novice Registered Nurse can use these concepts/skills in their nursing practice and to support the delivery of person-centred health care. 

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