300053 Professional Practice


Compose a reflective paper which presents your personal nursing philosophy and mission statement. 
Throughout your nursing program you have learned about and may have experienced change theory and paradigm shifting. 
This assignment will require you to revisit your professional goals and the views that you may have held prior to startingthe Practical Nursing Program. Your views, thoughts, values and beliefs may have changed now as you have gained more experience in the program and during your clinicals. 
1.Examine and reflect on what, if anything has changed about your personal vision for your nursing career.
2.Upon reflecting, you will create a personal nursing philosophy that is suited to your views now, and anticipatory of what lies ahead for you as a LPN.
3.Clarify the focus and direction of your life as a (soon to be) LPN. 
Reflect on your time in semester one and two; review your reflective journals and learning plans.

1.What worries or struggles did you have? What struggles do you continue to experience?
2.How has your learning affected those struggles?
3.What about your earlier reflections stands out to you the most? Why?
4.What has changed about how you view LPNs, nursing, your own goals and capacities?
5.Can you identify what experiences were responsible for such a change?

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