2808NRS Human Pathophysiology And Pharmacology 2



The aim of this case-based assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your clinical reasoning skills, your capacity to differentiate normal from abnormal presentation and to identify appropriate (evidence-based) investigations and treatment modalities associated with the assigned case-study, which are skills that are crucial to safe and effective nursing practice.


Provide a explanation, demonstrating analysis of the case study scenario.

  • In your concept map you must include:
  • Your Interpretation ofthe patient’s risk factors (from the case-study scenario) and determine how these risk factors relate to the diagnosed disease/disorder using evidence based literature;
  • An outlineof the links between the aetiology, cellular pathology and the pathophysiology of the diagnosed disease;
  • A description ofhow the pathophysiology of the disease/disorder accounts for the patient’s clinical manifestations (described in the case-study scenario); and
  • An analysis and interpretationincluding evidence-based research to suggest appropriate diagnostic assessments and treatment modalities for the patient’s diagnosis.

Case Study:

Emilia, an 11-year-old girl is brought to Lady Cilento Hospital by her parents due to 20 hours of worsening vomiting and lethargy. Over the last week she has been extremely thirsty and has been urinating excessively. Physical examination reveals a very thin girl with deep-rapid breathing and no response to verbal commands. Emilia moved to Australia with her family from Finland (where she was born) five years ago. Emilia was diagnosed with coeliac disease at the age of seven and has had her tonsils removed, otherwise has an unremarkable clinical history. Emilia’s father has type 1 diabetes.

After arriving to hospital, Emilia is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, due to an autoimmune dysfunction.
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