2802NRS Chronic Conditions In Australia


Assessment One is a written as an essay. You will be required to evaluate a national health system as follows:

1. Choosing any ONE country in the world, provide an overview of the main health issues facing that country today;

Your overview should be based on sound data from the World Health Organisation, as well as studies or reports published by the World Bank or Non-Governmental Organisations such as the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, etc. You will need to describe the scale and nature of the main health challenges and clarify which social groups are most affected.

2. Provide a historical account of key health events or trends in the country, and describe the evolution and constitution of its health systems;

The historical account, or timeline, should be concise. You will need to refer to key events – i.e. civil wars, droughts, outbreaks of disease etc – but the purpose of this is to link these to the health systems and how they have dealt with these events. The priority in this section is to describe how and why the country’s current health system and policies are functioning as they are.

3. Analyse the country’s position in the world, using relevant health indicators and measurements, and predict the health future for its population, in the context of global health and social issues.

Again, start with the WHO global health tables – life expectancy, infant mortality etc – and provide evidence of the country’s movements up or down these tables over time. Finally, predicting future health should be based on this progress – or regression – and also take account of contemporary social, economic and political factors, such as recessions, wars, natural disasters, changes of government etc.

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