1803NRS Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice


NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice

Outlines the requirement for nurses to use best available evidence for safe, quality practice and to develop that practice through reflection on experiences, knowledge, actions, feelings and beliefs. The aim of this essay is for students to critically reflect on a nursing related event reported in the media and, using the NSQHS standards developed by ACQSHC (Australian Commission for Quality and Safety in Healthcare), identify what nurses might do to improve their practice and reduce the risk of a similar error.


You must refer to the article titled ’Coroner recommends changes after blood mix-up patient death’ and NSQHS standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers for this assessment item.

Using the GIBBS Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988), reflect on this nursing-related event.

Students will write an appropriately structured essay that includes the following:

1. A comprehensive description of the critical incident.
2. An explanation of how the event made you feel and why it made you feel this way.
3. Evaluate the consequences of this critical incident for the health consumer (patient and their family).
4. Analyse the implications of this critical incident for your future nursing practice.
5. Identify and discuss new knowledge gained from this incident.
6. Develop an action plan to enhance your own learning from this incident.

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