Too Smart to be a Nurse

When I tell people that I am pursuing a degree to become a nurse they always respond with the same. “Oh, you are so much smarter than that! You should be a doctor!” I am irritated every time I hear this. Nurses accomplish so much more than they are credited for, and I’ve met nurses who are more intelligent than doctors. The fact that nurses aren’t studying as long or aren’t paid as much as doctors, does not mean that we aren’t as intelligent. I’ve always wanted to become a nurse since I am a lover of working with patients. They are people that need someone to care for them. Nurses get way more interactions with the patients than the doctors do.

Did you have a discussion similar to this? Maybe you’ve never had it, but for those who have, let’s face it and say it causes us to question what we do for a livelihood. We question it again because we feel like we’re not meeting the expectations others set for us, and that we’re not functioning in the way that others believe they should be operating.

But I’m here to inform you that you must be UNAPOLOGETIC regarding your choice of becoming an RN.

I’m saying it in the most courteous manner, however with a tone that indicates you’re not in the least apologetic. Listen. Each person is entitled to an opinion on our lives and the choices made by us. Sometimes, we need and appreciate opinions from the right people because it is essential to develop our personal and professional lives.

The reason why I think that we must be unapologetic since there’s a reason for nurses that you alone can accomplish, regardless of how many nurses are out there There is something unique that only you can contribute to the health industry through your specific job as a nurse.

The thing about having a purpose is that nobody will be able to comprehend the reasons behind what you do, and that is true even those who are closest to you and that’s fine since your motive isn’t for anyone else to comprehend because it’s your goal, not theirs. Do you ever feel hurt the people closest to you don’t know the reason behind your job? Absolutely. You think your mom, husband, or sister ought to understand, but they may not be able to grasp it. You have to accept that and move forward in your real role as a nurse.

Are You Too Smart to Be a Nurse?

The majority of people believe that jobs in healthcare, as well as intelligence, extend into a single line. Home health aides, CNAs aids, and others are on one side. Docs are on the other. Nurses, too, tend to be somewhere between.

There are a few issues with this particular scenario. One of them is that it creates ridiculous assumptions, like those on the lower end of the pay scale are all incompetent to perform on a greater level. Another is people on the upper end of the scale are smarter and more skilled. Most of us are aware that, it “just ain’t so.”

The second possibility is the easiest one to tackle. It is that doctoring and nursing are accomplishment grades in the same profession and that nurses are low-quality doctors, and doctors were superior nurses. This is not at all true.

You could be able to explain that doctoring and nursing and doctoring, both of which deal with patients and healthcare providers they are two distinct jobs that have distinct approaches and duties. Doctors fight against illnesses and ailments. They concentrate a lot on gathering information and obtaining results. This is essential, however, it’s not nursing.

Nurses are the ones who follow doctors’ instructions, for sure but their goal is to connect to the patients (a privilege that many doctors would like to have) and also be an advocate for well-being and health.

There’s a good chance that you’ll have less than ten minutes to present your point before the person listening goes on to something else and I’d suggest stating you believe the two professions have a lot in common. is an overlap between these two professions, however, nursing can provide some advantages, unlike a doctor. If they ask what you do, you could mention the greater connection with patients, flexibility, as well as the chance of being able to “specialize” in more than one area.

Doctors see patients for a relatively shorter period of time they are not able to work part-time and they are unable to change the areas of expertise they specialize in. They are paid a lot (often not as amount as many people think) for a life that can be stressful for families and stressful.

Nurses are also stressed and we’re fortunate to have the option of picking a different specialization field without a 3-5 year residency. Are you bored of medical surgery? You could be a doctor in a clinic, visit L&D or work as an occupational health nurse. You can try it if you’re a doc.

It isn’t possible to alter perceptions overnight. Most important is to be aware of the distinction. Don’t let the misinformation of others be a factor in your mind and cause you to be like you’re being judged. Keep going with the confidence that you’ll be a competent caring, intelligent nurse and that your patients will profit from your expertise and knowledge.

How a BSN Student Feels

BSN Student here. As the holidays get closer and family gatherings begin, friends of the household aren’t sure the work nurses do (even when both of my parents are extremely skilled nurses.) There have been times when they’ve told me that read like “Oh, you’re too smart. You should just become a doctor instead” or “Nurses just do the dirty work, you should become a NP so you can make a lot of money” I’m not going to become nursing to earn financial gain or to get an opportunity to increase my self-esteem However, I’m aware of my parents that it’s an extremely demanding and crucial job. I chose this profession because I’m eager to provide direct care to patients.

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