Theoretical Basis for Nursing

TENTH-B/10A; The last run

Textbook Readings

McEwen, M., & Wills, W. (2018). Theoretical basis for nursing (5th edition). Wolters Kluwer Health

  • Chapter 16: “Ethical Theories and Principles”
  • Chapter 23: “Future Issues in Nursing Theory”

Journal Readings

Please retrieve and read the following Journal articles from the Library. Articles can be located through a search in the CINAHL database, OVID database, Course Documents, or by using the link at the end of the reference if provided.

  • Hickman, Ronald, Jr PhD, RN & ACNP-BC, FNAP. (2019). Nursing theory and research: The path forward. Advances in Nursing Science42, 85-86.
  • Roy, C. (2018). Key issues in nursing theory: Developments, challenges, and future directionsNursing Research67(2), 81–92.
  • Wagner, J. M., & Dahnke, M. D. (2015). Nursing ethics and disaster triage: Applying utilitarian ethical theory. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 41(4), 300-306. doi:
Web Resources

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. (2010). The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health.

Library Help

Resources to help you navigate the Library include:

  1. A direct link to the Library resources relevant to nursing is
  2. Academic Research Primer. (2018). Retrieved from
  3. Nursing and medical/health studies guide. (2012). Higher Education Corporation. Retrieved from

University Library. (Producer). (2016). Introduction to the Online Library [Video file]. Available from

Assignment Directions

In this Assignment, you will create a presentation using any form of presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint®, Prezi™, Powtoons™, Slidedog™, etc.) that enables you to present your ideas effectively and meets the requirements. Your presentation will bring together the conceptual framework/grand nursing theory, theoretical model, and middle or practice theory that best fits your concept of advanced nursing practice related to your role after graduation.

  1. Follow this format for your presentation:
    1. Your title slide will identify you and the title of your presentation.
    2. The introduction slide should include brief information about you and your program track. The slide should also explain to the audience the purpose of the presentation.
    3. The next two (2) slides should describe a conceptual framework / grand nursing theory and focus on how the conceptual framework/grand nursing theory aligns to your nursing philosophy, worldviews, and applies to your advanced nursing role.
    4. The next two (2) slides should describe your chosen theoretical model with identification of important characteristics of the model that apply to your future advanced nursing role.
    5. The next three (3) slides should describe your chosen middle range or practice level theory, the key concepts of the theory, and how it has been used in research. You will also apply this theory to your advanced nursing role.
    6. The next slide will contain a graphical representation of how your chosen conceptual framework/grand nursing theory, theoretical model, and the middle range or practice level theory work together to inform your future advanced nursing role.
    7. The final content slide will be your concluding slide in which you bring it all together as you summarize the most important points and make connections to demonstrate how nursing theory will advance your practice and allow you to provide high quality nursing care.
    8. The last slide will be your reference slide using APA format.
  2. During your presentation, be sure to explain why you chose the conceptual framework/grand nursing theory, the theoretical model, and the middle or practice level theory.
  3. Please remember that your presentation should contain slides with minimal amounts of writing. You can use bullet points, phrases, graphics, and diagrams to highlight the ideas you want to convey.
  4. You, as the presenter, will explain in depth the highlights on the slide in the audio portion of the presentation.
  5. Background and font colors should be of sufficient contrast to make reading them effortless.

Assignment Requirements

  1. Minimal slide requirement is 10 slides of content (maximum 15 slides) not including the title and reference slides.
  2. Each slide should have an audio narration. ( I will do the audio narration)
  3. The presentation should be formatted so that it will ‘auto play’ without any need for observer interaction with the program.
  4. Five (5) credible sources of support are required.
  5. Use this source as guidance as to how to format your presentation in APA style.
  6. Utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.
  7. Your assignment should:
    1. be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
    2. display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.
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