Tell Us About Yourself And Why You Think You Will Make A Competent Nurse

Pass Your Nursing Interview: Tips, Questions, And Answers To Ace Your Interview

Are you looking for tips, questions, and answers to help you ace your nursing interview? Look no further! This blog post will provide you with the best tips, questions, and answers to help you prepare for and pass your nursing interview. We will cover the essential skills you need to succeed in a nursing role and how to handle challenging scenarios. With this guide, you can practice and perfect your answers to ace your next nursing interview.

How To Pass A Nursing Interview: Tough Questions & High Scoring Answers

In this blog post, nursing tutors at will teach nurses and nursing students how to pass a nursing interview by providing tough questions and high-scoring answers.

Are you preparing for your nursing interview? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some tips on how to ace your nursing interview.

During a nursing interview, an interviewer may ask why an applicant will make a competent nurse which can be answered with a hard work ethic and the ability to contribute positively to the team in both care and assessment.

Remember, the role of a nurse involves many tasks, including assessing, planning, and evaluating patient conditions, as well as maintaining confidentiality while caring for and treating patients. To successfully pass your nursing interview, you must know what skills are required by the job.

Below are some essential skills that are often required of nurses:

Understanding the environment of a nursing role – nurses must adapt quickly to potentially stressful situations while ensuring accurate records are kept contemporaneously.

Using effective communication skills when dealing with different situations – nurses must have strong communication skills to communicate effectively with patients and their families. Nurses must also be able to convey messages accurately across different cultures without infringing on patient privacy or causing any harm or discomfort.

Prioritizing patient care – nurses must apply high standards of quality care per relevant codes and regulations while remaining compassionate towards their patients. Nurses who prioritize patient care successfully meet challenging scenarios head-on without breaking down under pressure or feeling overwhelmed by the task.

Handling stress – one of the most important qualities for any nurse is resilience; handling difficult situations calmly and efficiently no matter what happens is crucial for sustaining high productivity levels over time as a nurse practitioner or registered nurse. Finally, remember that it’s always okay to ask questions!

How To Answer: “Tell Us About Yourself And Why You Think You Will Make A Competent Nurse”

This answer is based on whether you have any prior nurse experience or are just going for your first nursing position. This response will help you.

First and foremost, I am dedicated to patient care, and I find this element of the role the most rewarding. I am naturally a caring person, and I enjoy being in a role where I get the opportunity to make a difference through both the treatment and care I provide and also through educating patients to help them lead better lives.

Also, you can add the following;

I will make a competent nurse because I am thorough in my approach to care and assessment. I can follow strict rules and procedures. I have a passion for continually learning and developing, and I’m also someone who can work hard under pressure and respond positively to the challenges the nursing role presents itself. I feel confident that if you employ me in this nursing position, you will be impressed with my strong work ethic and ability to contribute positively to the nursing team.

How To Answer: “Tell Me What You Know About The Role Of A Nurse.”

“As a nurse, I will be required to carry out many tasks, including assessing, planning, and evaluating patients’ conditions, care, and treatment. I would need to maintain confidentiality at all times, keep accurate records, and follow strict policies, rules, and operational protocols. Further responsibilities include keeping a safe environment and prioritizing patient care and treatment, especially during intense periods that are particularly busy.”

Continue by saying…

“I would always need to maintain accurate written records and contemporaneous notes whilst using effective communication skills to deal with various situations. Finally, I will always need to carry out high standards of quality nursing care, abide by the ethics of nursing and follow the organization’s values at all times whilst helping to develop and implement national initiatives to improve quality of care standards and efficiency.”

That’s a great answer that you can use to construct your own based on your knowledge and experience of the nursing role.

How To Answer: “How Do You Handle The Stress Of Being A Nurse And All That Comes With The Job?”

The first aspect of dealing with the stress of the nursing job is to understand exactly what is involved in the role, the environment you’ll be working in, and the situation most patients will find themselves in.

The nursing role requires you to work in a pressurized environment whereby people are often anxious and stressed based on their illness or upcoming treatment. On that basis, you have to understand that people are not their normal selves, and you have to consider this when helping them, caring for them, and treating them.

I naturally have a calm nature and will not be put off by stressful situations where I have to perform under pressure.

Continue by saying…

“I can handle the stress of the job because I believe I am a strong communicator who has confidence in my abilities. I would rather work in a pressurized and stressful environment because it is times like these when I can put my skills and experiences to good use.”

How To Answer: “What Parts Of The Nursing Position Will You Find The most Enjoyable, And Which Parts Will Be The Most Challenging.”

So this is to assess your knowledge of what the role will be like, both the good and the challenging parts, so here’s my suggested answer to this question.

I will find dealing with and treating patients the most enjoyable, although some of the patients I will deal with will be under pressure and stress. The most enjoyable aspect will be seeing them improve and helping them lead healthier lives through education and information.


I also feel I will find working with the nursing team an enjoyable aspect of the role as you will get to build long-lasting relationships with people whom you can trust and rely on, especially when dealing with patients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and also those patients who refuse to take responsibility for their health.

Let the interviewer know you can overcome challenges in nursing. Say the following;

However, whilst these will be the most challenging aspects of the nursing role, I will always look upon these as an opportunity to test my people and communication skills. I am a confident person who can deal with the challenging aspects of the nursing role, and I will always carry out my duties with a positive attitude and a professional approach.

That is a strong answer to that question and demonstrates that you know what will be the most enjoyable part so you can put your skills to the test and the challenging ones and that you have a positive mindset when dealing with those.


Nursing is a challenging and rewarding career field. Doing well in a nursing interview can be a key factor in securing the position of your choice. If you are preparing for your nursing interview, our blog article will provide tips and resources to help you ace the questions. Remember to stay calm, confident, and focused during the interview process!

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