SAP102 Welfare Systems And Services In Australia


Case Study:

Lance is 76 years old. He has a great family that support him quite well and does not want to go into a nursing home. He lost his licence a few years ago because his eye sight is deteriorating. His wife also died two years ago and he is starting to feel lonely as he feels all of his friends are passing away. He is not as social as he use to be. Although his family come and visit him weekly he feels they are busy with their own lives. He does not want to be a burden as he feels he still wants to give back to the community. He struggles to clean the house and crime has increased in the area and he is worried that something might happen to him because he is old and an easy target for criminals.


This assessment builds on your theoretical knowledge and aims to put that theoretical learning into application.

You are required to prepare a report, proposing a detailed and integrated welfare system specific to the chosen scenario and comprising the following:

.Plan a welfare system framework specific to the stimulated scenario
.Demonstrate clear understanding of how human and social elements shape equality
.Appraise assessments and evaluation for the scenario
.Evaluation of services suitable for the scenario
.Resources for management specific to the scenario 

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