Role and Responsibilities of the Community Health Nurse as it Relates to General System Theory

Explaining the Role and Responsibilities of the Community Health Nurse as it Relates to General System Theory

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Technology system has been implemented rampantly in various sectors. In the area of health, nurses apply the general systematic method to practice nursing research and education. There are many distinct types of the health system, ranging from electrical, mechanical, and electronics systems. Nursing systems are complicated to use, and it requires professionals with substantial exposed. The goal in a healthy living for families and an individual is a significant system usage into evaluation information. Its nurse responsibility to access all parts of the patient systematically is working correctly.

Nurse participation in a general health system, improves his/her promotes the profession. To effect sustainable implemented skill and to ease duties and responsibilities. By use of the scheme theory platform, different materials within health system are solved in details while providing sustainable changes in a hospital, interpreting medication principles in oncology, and promotion of unification of nurse team to an efficient customer care.

The general system theory provides a distinct outline thesaurus System model. Which professional nurses monitor the generation that implements and unmask challenging variables in the operation of the system.The system should be made relevant to nurse and be the current base of knowledge. The profession system usage in health care will enable them to join for ideas and practices which will advance the well-being and good health to patients. Among the role and responsibilities that relate general system theories are as follows:


…overall goal, purpose of the general scheme in the health sector and desired outcome. Targets set from the mission statement. To support the patient, educate learners and restore them to health, to create income, social platforms, etc.

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