Reflecting Public Health Practice

Reflecting on your experience is an effective way of examining and refining your own attitudes and beliefs about public health practice, and it allows you to continue analyzing your own growth and development as a practitioner. In particular, it is an opportunity to continue balancing theoretical knowledge with applied experience. After all, it is one thing to read about budgets, timelines, SMART objectives, and sustainability plans; it is quite another to apply these elements and put them into practice.
This assignment allows you to think about your experience in the course—in particular, how your perspectives have changed, how your project has evolved, and how it might impact social change.

The Assignment:
Addresses the following:
How has your perspective on your community health intervention changed?
What insights did you gain about how the Program Outcomes map to your Applied Project?
What other types of social change might occur as a result of your Applied Project?
Complete your final Program Outcomes Mapping Form.

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