PUBH6005 Epidemiology


Antimicrobial resistance is an emerging global public health problem that has been linked to the use of antibiotics by the livestock industry, doctors over prescribing antibiotics and people not taking a full course of antibiotics.
Construct a research question that seeks to address a specific aspect of the issue of antimicrobial resistant bacteria.
Select 5 studies relevant to your research question about antimicrobial resistant bacteria (a mixture of observational and RCTs, supporting and not supporting the hypothesis).
Rank the studies according to the FORM (Hillier et al., 2011) or GRADE levels of evidence (The GRADE Working Group, 2008).
Review the frameworks in the Learning Resources (Bonita et al., 2006, Rychetnick et al.,2006, Young & Solomon, 2009 and the critical appraisal skills program (CASP) checklist). 
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