Pharmacotherapeutic Advances of a Selected Condition

Coronary Artery Disease
• General information on assessing and managing the problem in practice
~550 words

The aim of this assessment is to assess the ability of and to provide experience in teamwork,
researching, interpreting and communicating about some newer advances, recent clinical
evidence and relevance in the pharmacotherapeutic treatment of a selected disease state.
You are strongly encouraged to use authoritative journal articles and reviews to conduct
your research. Limit or avoid the use of websites or textbooks or other generalised
information sources.

Also, please be aware of good practice in scientific writing which specifically
prohibits plagiarism. Please write the assignment in your own words and reference
accordingly. The report should be typed and neatly presented.
Turnitin will be set up to allow you to re-submit your report as many times as you like until
the due date (to check for unintentional plagiarism). Only the final submission will be
APA style

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