PBHE111 Introduction To Health Care Administration


The goal of this assignment is to provide critical thoughts of your own regarding one of the above studies. To structure this process, please respond to the following questions. Please clearly label your answers by corresponding question number (this is intended to facilitate a question?answer type format, NOT a continuous essay). Please cite page #s when quoting or referencing specific points from the paper. Although you may critique parts of the actual writing of the report, we are more interested in your thoughts on the scientific study. If you are having trouble understanding the article generally, you might consider whether another of the options is more accessible to you, as well as look to the text or alternate resources – if the latter, please cite these accordingly). 
1.Purpose? What do you see as the main objective, research question, or hypothesis of the article? (If authors don’t explicitly state one of these, what do you think it is? E.g., if they don’t explicitly state a hypothesis, what do you understand they would have predicted? Or what would you have predicted?) If more than one, which do you find the most interesting or important?
2.Result? What do you see as the most important or most interesting finding of the study? Why? (Explain the finding and your perspective)
3.Strength? What is a particular strength you see in the study from your own perspective or critical thinking? Explain. You might consider aspects of the rationale, methodology, analyses, and/or other aspects of study quality. Ideally this is not something already discussed by the authors; however, if it is something briefly noted in the article, please more fully elaborate on why you think it is such a strength (feel free to back up your point with relevant sources if needed).
4.Limitation? What is a particular weakness or limitation you see in the study from your own perspective? Explain. (see also guidelines for Q3 regarding strengths)
5.Future direction? Beyond those noted by the authors, what future direction(s) might you propose? In particular, how might you address the weakness or limitation you noted in Q4? What do you think of your suggested solution? Why? (e.g., What might be done differently if the experiment were repeated? What more would you want to know? Next steps?) NOTE: This does not need to be a detailed proposal of study methods, but should give sufficient sense of what you might envision and your reasoning
6.Social Post? Consider your responses to the above items, and particularly Q2. How might you very succinctly convey a summary of what you find most interesting or important about this study..
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