Self-essay for nursing

This is a self-essay.

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Self-essay for nursing
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Please, choose the appropriate style.

I uploaded the writing instructions.

You do not need to check all of them (but most of them).

This essay is part of my admission application package.

About myself: I am an immigrant who came here from Romania.

I did all/most of my education overseas.

I am a single mom and a caregiver for my mom.

I have been working as an asbestos litigation paralegal for almost 10 years.

As part of my job as an asbestos litigation paralegal I read/review a lot of medical records, and that’s how I have decided to pursue/switch to a career in medical field.

I am interested/planning in/on applying to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program so I become a sonographer.

This all about myself… from here you can use your magic/imagination.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further details if necessary. Thank you so much!

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