NURSING784 Advanced Emergency Nursing Practicum


You are required to prepare a critical discussion paper related to the nursing management of Mr Ferguson’s case study below:

The critical discussion paper should address the following issues:

  1. Describe the patients presenting problem focusing on the pathophysiological issues.
  2. Review and use of literature to explain the pharmacokinetics of the prescribed medications and their indications.
  3. Discuss the nursing management appropriate for the patient including management of the adverse effects of the medication(s) using evidencebased literature.
  4. Describe in detail the information you would share with the patient and how you will educate the patient about the interactions and long term effects of the medications prescribed in the ED?

Mr Ferguson is a 76 year old male who presented to your emergency department at 0800hrs complaining of a 2/24 history of chest heaviness. He has self administered x2 sprays of his glyceryl trinitrate pump spray totaling 800mcg with minimal relief. On arrival to your allocated bed Mr Ferguson appears pale, diaphoretic & short of breath.

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