Nursing Research: UMA Virtual Library

Use the UMA Virtual Library to answer one of the following research questions.

·         How has the “Mommy Track” phenomenon effected both millennial workers and organizations in the workplace?

·         How has the glass ceiling affected the healthcare industry?

·         What is the value of including qualified people with disabilities in healthcare organizations?

·         How should healthcare organizations address sexual harassment in the workplace given the current rise in gender issues in the US?

1.    Cite your resources using APA format.     Type answer here

2.    Answer each of the following questions. (Each response should be a minimum of 2-5 sentences.)What do I know?

Type answer here

What do I want to know?

Type answer here

How do I find out?

Type answer here

What have I learned?

Type answer here

What action will I take?

Type answer here

What new questions do I have?

Type answer here

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