NURSING 7124 Management Of Chronic Illness


Part A: Discussion i Generate at least one new discussion thread on the day the discussion opens (loth September) and participate in at least two other discussion ithreads within your group (over the full length of time the group is I open) on the topic of self-management promotion, principles and 1 barriers (write a total of at least six posts x 25o words each). Please note, I a single posting in a thread is insufficient to count as a discussion. There I must be at least two-way inquiry and examination of ideas. You may use critical evaluation of your own presentation given for assessment one to illustrate points briefly. However, the main purpose is to discuss the topic with support from the academic literature. All postings for marking are to be academically written and referenced.
Part B: Following the discussion, you must submit an academic paper that shows evidence of knowledge and understanding of the principles and strategies to overcome at least 3 barriers to self-management promotion. The summary may incorporate critical reflection of the ideas discussed as a form of reflection on your own learning outcomes. With your paper you should include the discussion postings you made as appendices, this will provide evidence of your active participation within.
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