NURS6120 Contemporary Nursing



Write an essay in which you critically analyse the role scope and work experiences of nurses who occupy a particular nursing work role.

Details of task: 

Select a nursing role of interest to you around which it will be possible to locate policy and published papers related to the role.

Search and retrieve information that will inform you about:

  • The scope and regulation of practice as it relates to the role.
  • What is known about the purpose, performance and outcomes of the role.
  • What is known about role issues and the experiences of role incumbents.

Write an essay that reflects your reading and synthesis of key papers and documents, about the work role.  Essays will normally:

  • Establish common features of the scope of the role and example activities that are/can be undertaken by role incumbents.  Please make sure that this discussion includes some analysis related to professional regulation, workplace governance and role enactment.
  • Identify and discuss what is known about the benefits and outcomes that are gained or achieved for the profession and for clients as a result of people working in these roles.
  • Explore and discuss what is known about the experiences and practical needs of people who work in the role. This may include aspects such as job satisfaction, training staff development needs, and learning at work.
  • Identify and discuss likely or known strengths, weaknesses, or issues associated with the role (development, implementation or evaluation).
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