NURS4301 Health Research Methods


Using the research question developed during assessment 1 develop a logical and congruent research proposal to answer this question. Present the proposal and the justification discussion under the following headings:
1. Introduction / Background
2. Problem statement & Research question / Hypotheses                             
3. Methodology
4. Research design
5. Participants i.e. recruitment, sampling etc.                          
6. Data collection
7. Data analysis
8. Rigour OR Reliability / Validity
9. Ethical issues
10. Limitations                                  
11. Conclusion

Consider carefully the research approach based on the framing of the question (i.e. congruence between question, philosophy, research design and the elements of the proposal). You must show evidence of understanding the research process, research methodology and design considerations.

Essay writing principles apply. Headings should be used. Please use critical discussion, not bullet points or lists.

Support all statements by referring to appropriate contemporary research based literature. You must use a broad range of literature to support all elements of the research proposal providing a critique of the literature to support assertions. It is strongly suggested that multiple research texts or papers about research methods are used to underpin your work.

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