NURS3046 Nursing Project


Background Information

Patients and families are often on the receiving end of care and are thus positioned well to reflect, comment and share their care experience to key stakeholders who goals are to improve patient safety, quality of care and the patient/family experience. Improving the patient care experience can be challenging and nurses need to be equipped with knowledge about relevant theory. For example the nursing governances and nursing philosophies that guide the application of nursing care practice, and other related theory and strategies that will help engage nurses with patients and their families to improve their future care experiences.


Select one of the two following ‘patient experiences and partnering in care’ cases and write a 1200 word essay that draws upon the relevant theory that analyses the patient/family experience with the goal to improve the care experience of patients and their families. 

Draw upon relevant literature (theory) to strengthen and support your assignment. For example:

  • Relevant literature (theory) taught this semester. For example the weekly topics such as person centred care,
  • family centred care,
  • nursing governances – Code of Ethics for nurses, etc.,
  • other governances such as – the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards etc., and framework/s – for example Erikson’ 8 Stages.
  • Other relevant literature (peer reviewed journal articles) you have researched, using the USQ library data bases.
1. Case Scenario – Recording  ‘The Age 40 Male Experience’


2. Case Scenario – Recording  ‘The 40 Age Experience- (Female Aboriginal Woman)
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