NURS3041 Becoming A Registered Nurse


Nursing Leadership

  • Your introduction should consist of the following three sections:
  1. Introduce the topic to the reader
  2. Provide contextual background information which are validated by relevant reference citations
  3. Inform the reader of the intent or objectives of your essay, which includes informing the reader which leadership style you have chosen
  • Describing your leadership style
    • Defining your leadership style (i.e., transformation leadership)
    • Describing its key features and characteristics

Hint: assume the reader knows nothing about the leadership style you have chosen, and you are informing them of all the characteristics and features of the leadership style

  • Reflecting on the leadership style by describing the impact of the leadership style on the six concepts listed (communication, documentation, professional relationships, team work, scope of practice, delegation of care or management).
    • Each of the six concepts do not need to be listed separately but may by discussed by combining related concepts. For example, communication and documentation are related concepts and describing how the leadership style impacts these two concepts will provide a rich discussion, be word count ‘smart’ and avoid creating small sections that duplicate content
    • Providing examples highlighting the strengths of your chosen leadership example will demonstrate higher level of critical thinking. For example, consider situations where your leadership does or does not work but remember to support these examples with evidence

Hint: It would be very appropriate to link this section to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australian Professional Standards for Practice for the RN.

Reflective essay

  • Choose one concept from Assignment 1
  • Choose a concept that is most well-linked and an important feature of your leadership style.

For example, Transformation Leadership AND Emotional Intelligence OR communication

  • Using reflection (refer to the Gibbs Required Reading found under Assignment 2 Help) provide an example from clinical placement that you have observed that has influenced your thoughts on how you will develop this skill or attribute as a newly graduate RN. This example maybe a situation you observed or where you demonstrated nursing leadership

Hint: Remember part B must be connected to Part A and not treated as a separate assignment from each other. For example, if you have chosen transformational leadership then this must be reflected in your strategies in your transition to an RN.

  • What type of strategies should you consider?

Strategies that you could consider but are not limited to are: continuing professional development, mentoring, giving and receiving feedback, reflective journaling.

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