NURS2004 Inquiry For Professional Practice


Case study: Heather Cook

You have commenced your clinical placement at Curtin Hospital on Ward 9A Medical Ward. Following handover you have been allocated Heather Cook, aged 48 years, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Heather was admitted earlier this afternoon to Ward 9A for management of her Stage 1 pressure injury.

You have been asked by your buddy nurse to write Heather’s care plan from admission to discharge. Your buddy nurse completed the nursing assessment following Gordon’s Health Assessment Framework which is provided below.

Using the Gordon’s Health Assessment Framework provided please complete a care plan for

Heather.  Your care plan must include the following:

Nursing Problems:

Four of the most important nursing problems need to be identified and written appropriately as nursing diagnostic statements.

Expected Outcomes:

You will need to write one expected outcome for each nursing diagnostic statement identified.

Nursing Interventions:

Four nursing interventions for each nursing diagnostic statement need to be identified.

Scientific Rationales:

One scientific rationale needs to be provided for each nursing intervention. Each rationale will relate to, support and provide validity for the intervention. Each rationale is to be referenced.

Handover of Care:

You will need to include one handover of care using iSoBAR for the next shift.

Discharge Plan:

You will need to include one discharge plan for all identified nursing problems.

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